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You cant just make a movie like that, there has to be a reason, a reason for them to fight in the first place and also a logical explanation. And apart from that Ho-oh and Lugia are from Johto and why…

One of the more recent movies had an initial preview featuring Lugia and Ho-Oh battling, but neither of them were in the finished movie.

I don’t remember which it was, but it’s one of the past few.

Believe you me, it would have been awesome. And why would they fight? I can think of a few reasons. Perhaps war returns to Ecruteak. Perhaps they find an enormous seed pinecone and have no intention of sharing (they’re birds, after all). Perhaps this jerk (see icon) proceeds to lose touch with reality again and think that he suddenly needs TWO birds (or alternately, someone else, and he shows up to stop it but would probably bungle it up too).

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