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doctrev asked:

I build miniature scale vehicles as a hobby, and I'm interested in building a 2ft-diameter model of the Flying Palace featured in the film. Do you know where I could find some specs/schematics/blueprints for it?

There really aren’t any. There’s a blueprint of sorts for the gallery but even that was changed in the final version, and even then it’s more of a “here’s some stuff on display and this is about how everything is proportioned”. We get no layouts on the rest of the ship (although some super weird stuff that wasn’t in the gallery is seen falling out, including a hilariously gaudy vase, so there’s more stuff kept there, though there’s probably going to be a separate storage area as well as displays), and there’s no guides on what anything else is even though there are some very confusing elements shown in the film (such as what seems to be a brick area and a garden, despite that brick ruins the aesthetic and a garden wouldn’t survive for long above the clouds).

There’s some production art of the chair going up as well as of the observation deck, but really it’s been grossly overlooked.

And in the retrospective book that had a special section on movie mechanics, it had to share a page with the “spider” mech from the 4th movie (which they show us can turn into a boat! Great! Why are you telling us when it didn’t happen in the movie?!).

I imagine that if enough of us wrote to the production artists we could get some answers, although they’d probably have to make it up just to answer. And the request would have to be translated into Japanese.

But if it’s possible then I say we should go for it.

In the meantime, if you want to make a quick and relatively sloppy version, two Deep Space 9 models turned inside out should suffice.


Today I looked up Spell of the Unown and STILL Lawrence fucking appears in the image search. Is this because it’s Pokemon and Pokemon = Lawrence at a point, and I’ve looked him up multiples times for his page omfg???? What treasures are there for you to find sir. Do you want that box of Unown tiles???? 

He probably wants that yes. Though imagine it—if we thought he fucked everything up the FIRST time…

I find the first movie in a lot of searches for the second so maybe it’s a sort of displacement.


So like how do you come up with last names?
If there’s a number in it like Lawrence III and Lawrence IV DO LAST NAMES EXIST?
And like I want to give Wallace a last name, as well as Dakota, and it’s like. Do I give him a water-based name? Do I just randomly pick one from a list of surnames? I don’t. Understand hhf.

They exist, as we see from the professors, but as to if everyone has them is anyone’s guess.


You know I’ve said Law has been pretty damn afraid of birds for a long time. Ever since his dad got totally owned. He just kind of freezes up.

But man imagine Lawrence III. I portray him as being much more afraid, but he just doesn’t show it well. He seems pretty well composed so few people even realize it.

He also seems to have a near complete inability to express emotion. When you look especially flat in a series that also contains Cyrus, you have an issue.

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